Farida Nguyen
What a great experience with Gigi! She is so sweet, very professional, and had a great massage!
Jennifer Llarenas
I had the pleasure of receiving ultrasonic lipo cavitation from Rogelynn at Simply Serene studio. She is a true professional who took the time to listen to my concerns and goals, ensuring that the body contouring package was tailored to my specific needs and targeted areas that I wanted to improve. Her innovative techniques provided me with a more defined look after just a few treatments! Rogelynn’s passion for her work truly shines through. Check her out on Instagram at its_simplyserene!
Erlene D Guieb
Such a wonderful experience! I had great body contouring sessions that really helped me with my body image/confidence. Will definitely be scheduling more!
Kevin C.
I had some bad knots in my back. Rogelynn was able to incorporate cupping techniques to get them out. I asked for hard pressure which she was able to accommodate. Usually I have to keep asking for harder pressure but she was able to get it just right. She mentioned she had a bachelor's degree in exercise science which explains how she was able to incorporate some sports massage on me. My hamstring feels so much better. I'll book once a month. I need it. ​
Selena Sheppard
If you like Amazing relaxing massage this is the place to go. I had a deep tissue massage and loved it can’t wait to return!!!!!!
Selena S.
Amazing place for relaxation. If you want a deep tissue massage this is the place to go cant wait to return !!!!!!
William P.
If you're a guy and you don't know what a Brazilian is... And you have a girlfriend...Google it..then get it done. And get it done here. I had all kinds of reservations and feelings about it but if you want it to not be like any of the disturbing YouTube videos out there and want to come out feeling like you have a brand new unit and porn star like berries to conquer the world and your woman with.. I'm telling you right now this is the place to go. She's a sweetheart, chill and very funny and overall just a good person who left me completely unguarded with all the bits. Not only that but she said your girlfriend's paying for you to be hairless..she meticulously delivered on that. It's not painful If you go to the right person. If you find yourself like I did for whatever reason contemplating where and how to get it done and if it is worth it...it is and do it here. #best review ever